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    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

 Band Camp 2009 Day Games Groupings [EDITED]
[EDITED] by joan.
hey sijia, i realised you labeled the groups by group 1, 2, 3 etc etc, but the groups are actually labeled by names. so i added the names here. hope you all won't get confused :D

Station 1 Game Masters

Christine L

Station 2 Game Masters
Christine S

Station 3 Game Masters
Grace H
Grace L

Station 4 Game Masters

Group 1 Facilitators (pepperlunch)
Valerie & Qixuan

Group 2 Facilitators (subway)
Maryanne & Weiyun

Group 3 Facilitators (pizza hut)
Joan & Alana

Group 4 Facilitators (burger king)
Karyn & Naomi

Group 5 Facilitators (mcdonals)
Ning Xuan & Sandy

Group 6 Facilitators (KFC)
Belle & Vanessa

Group 7 Facilitators (mos burger)
Danica & Jolynn

Group 8 Facilitators (long john silver)
Chloe & Zhangdi

Sorry for the delay !


9:49 PM  

    Sunday, May 10, 2009

Can someone please do something about the URL ?!

Groupings for Day Games will be up by tomorrow
Those who have STRONG objections please message me or something


8:56 PM  

    Friday, May 08, 2009

OMG DEAD BLOG! When this blog was dying we've gotten a Gold for Genting Comp and Gold With Honours for SYF (: Anyway, IMPORTANT STUFF

Night Games 2009 Sec 3 Squad Groupings
Station 1
Game Masters: Sarah and QiXuan
Ghosts: Chloe/ YeXin/ Sandy/ XinLin
Wandering Ghosts: Rachel/ SiJia

Station 2
Game Masters: Jolynn and Valerie
Ghosts: YuanLin/ ZhangDi/ Veronica
Wandering Ghosts: Karyn/ Christine Seow (May be asked to help out)

Station 3
Game Masters: Weiyun and Belle
Ghosts: Cheryl/ Maryanne/ Olivia/ NingXuan/ Naomi
Wandering Ghosts: Alana/ Christine Lim

Station 4
Game Masters: Danica and Grace Ho
Ghosts: Wanessa/ Fong Thing/ Charissa/ Grace Leung
Wandering Ghosts: Joan/ ShiYing

For those people who didn't come for the meeting/ forgot your groups, I'm posting here now. Can't post venues for fear of prying eyes (: Try to identify the stations by the Game Masters? If you can't remember just find any one from Night Games Comm (:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to bring what we told you. Remember? Remember? The ____ ___ :D If not Night Games Comm will have to buy ):

Band Camp's in a week! Everyone jiayou (: Try to make it a success! After that is Jubilate, Band Dinner, POP D: How fast time flies OMG. NOMS NOMS NOMS D: Seems like yesterday when the Dark Blues had their NOMS eh.


PS: I'm suffering from Camp Withdrawal Symptoms too ):

9:54 PM  

    Friday, August 15, 2008

Our blog's stuck in NBC time. Haha. And now it's gonna be the Genting Trip! Heehee(: JIAYOUS FOR EOYS(:


8:14 PM  

    Sunday, July 13, 2008

we did great everybody!
say the cheer LOUDLY tmr!
yeah! cause we got a GOLD!
82.5 POINTS!

(currently going mad (: )

10:13 PM  

My first post here. :D


Grace Leung. :D

5:12 PM  

    Sunday, June 29, 2008

this blog is sooo dam dead la please! :/
i think we played kinda horridly...
so we must JIAYOU hor!
get GOOOOOOOLD next year!
miss sia says she's gonna test my section next prac
die alr :X
but we shall not be put down
by whatever THAT WOMAN says
(since she loves being called that so much)
(: oh and i think the band board is NICE isn't it!? :D

lalala EL CHOCLO is addictive (:


4:52 PM  

    Sunday, June 08, 2008

hey squad.
POP is over and im so sad that you all would have to hear my horrible voice for another year ;'(
congrats to the postholders :)
and the others, never mind, you are still as good :D

i know this blog is so dead.
so people try to visit here more often.
and if you have time to tag, im sure you would have the time to blog here too :)

well i doubt that there will be anything this year, [yay! ;D]
so lets just continue practising hard for NBC okay! :)
oh and good luck for the june holidays practise.
[though im overseas ;DDDDDDDDDDD]
i miss the sec 4s so much ;'(


8:22 PM  

    Monday, June 02, 2008

 Squad Photos!
From our last Band prac with Sec4s

& From Jubilate V

Okay, that's all!

<3 Jia Hui

11:21 AM  

    Sunday, June 01, 2008

jubilate's over!
aren't we all sad that the sec 4s are POP-ing :/
but this blog is really dead....
post more okay :D

theres drills this coming wednesday.
2 pm to 3 pm.
it cant be on other days cause the SCs cant make it.
its compulsory unless you are overseas or have something really really important
it to review er.. our drills for POP.
it cant be earlier too cause the SCs got lessons in the morning and only end at 1.30.

yea, wear school uniform :D
pe or blouse both also can lah.
and there is self prac on friday for the songs that we are going to play on POP.
so theres no band on tues and thurs :)

okay, thats all.
start writing POP letters :D


6:01 PM  

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In order for us to have our May archive, I'm posting here! (:
Really egg-cited for drills! :D Been a long time since we've had them.
& good luck for jubilate everyone, I need all the luck, I'm sure you do too (:

<3 WeiYun

8:19 PM  

    Wednesday, April 09, 2008

 Heaven n hell

hey yo! i was trying to find something for the 议论文 for this friday, then i came across this article, i tink it's cool =) we should do this too!!!


我 曾听过这样一个故事。有一个人想知道天堂和地狱究竟有什么区别,于是他找到了上帝,请求他带自己去看看。上帝欣然答应了。他们首先来到了地狱,看到的是这 样一副景象:一群饥饿不堪的人们正拿者一根长勺拼命往自己嘴巴里送东西,但是那根长勺实在太长了,比他们自己的手臂还要长,所以他们无法弯曲自己的手臂把 食物送进自己的嘴巴里去,有的人的手臂甚至弯曲的变形了,但是还是没有吃到任何食物。地狱果然是一副活生生的惨像。他们又来到了天堂,那个人被自己眼前所 看到的惊呆了——天堂里的人们也是拿着一根同样长的长勺,但是他们每个人都吃到了食物,这是为什么呢?因为他们每个人把获取的食物都舀给了坐在他对面的那 个人吃,每个人都这样做,所以每个人也都吃到了食物。于是那个人明白了一个道理:帮助别人其实就是在帮助自己。

Lots.Of.Love... Sandy <3

P.S. I do not see anything

8:22 PM  

    Saturday, March 29, 2008

 Maris Stella Band Concert
Maris Stella High School's having their 50th anniversary band concert on 15th April.
Esplanade Concert Hall.
Tickets at $15 each.

Noah's Ark
hymn to the sun
rumbles on the high plains
spring festival overture
abba gold
rolling thunder( quaver = 115)

i think it's not bad,
as in the band's tone and techniques.
tickets order from zhang di if anyone would like to go.

8:48 PM  

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hello people.
there's a NUS BAND CONCERT @ 15 march, this coming saturday.
it's at NUS' UCC, where the last year's JUBILATE was held.

they will be playing a wide range of repertoire.

trust me, their tone's SUPERB. :D

so please let me know if u would like any tickets.

it's $15 per ticket.

contact me at my hp number.


11:27 PM  

    Sunday, March 09, 2008


I just thought of posting to make this blog less dead. so don't mind the crap. (:

Term 1 has past! and we've all gotten back our not so desirable PPR grades. I guess we should just look forward to a new term and work hard in whatever ways. (:

Jiayous everyone! (:

<3 Alana

9:17 AM  

    Sunday, March 02, 2008

jeez. this blog is dead :D
heh heh. i shall brighten it up
and get the march archieves :D
anyways. one more week to school holidays!
haha :D


9:30 PM  

    Monday, February 11, 2008

Drills. It just occurred to me how we have not had drills since December band camp 2007. I remember how I used to half wish for and half dread drills, cause drills were fun but at the same time I never seemed to be able to follow the commands properly :/ But now that drills have been permanently stopped, I feel.. sad ): And (hahahahahahahaha) can you imagine Miss Sia taking us for drills?! Like hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Anyway I hope band's been fine for you all it's been fun for me cause of my section mates (yeah!) (: (((((:

<3 WEIYUN who loves her section mates (YEAH!)

8:24 PM  

    Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy New Year :D

Do update your own links/ your section mate's links if you know of any changes :D Or if you are too lazy you can post it on the tagboard. Someone hopping by might just have the time...

<3 Jia Hui

10:34 PM  

    Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hello people you can't ask weiyun to help you buy windmill anymore cause the shop doesn't sell it anymore D: So yes, I apologise sincerely for that :/


8:13 PM  

    Sunday, January 27, 2008

 current suggestions for new url
(1) THEgreens
(2) We-are-environmentally-friendly
(3) snsbgreens07
(4) brocollis
(5) greenies


10:00 PM  


; not to disappoint our SCs
; improve on our drills
; improve on our playing
; improve as a WHOLE squad


Loh Lai Sum; 1 March 1994; 2 Justice
Yip NingXuan; 18 April 1994; 2 Justice; ASL & Assistant Administrative
Choo Jia Hui; 25 October 1994; 2 Truth
Samantha Chew; 12 February 1994; 2 Faith

Belle Chai; 17 August 1994; 2 Hope
Karyn Lim; 7 July 1994; 2 Hope
Cheryl Foo Yun Wei; 28 November 1994; 2 Loyalty
Chloe Lim; 19 April 1994; 2 Justice
Leow Ye Xin; 13 September 1994; 2 Wisdom
Christine Seow; 23 May 1994; 2 Truth; Squad Leader
Chok Xin Lin; 1 December 1994; 2 Purity

Double Reeds
Danica Ng ShiYing; 16 May 1994; 2 Faith
Naomi Lim; 15 July 1994; 2 Unity
Vanessa Goh Zi Hui; 7 February 1994; 2 Hope
Kwa Min Yee; 19 April 1994; 2 Justice

Charissa Ng; 13 July 1994; 2 Hope
Foo Fong thing; 21 August 1994; 2 Justice
Zhang Di; 4 May 1993; 2 Loyalty
Tan Yuan Lin; 2 Wisdom

Veronica Lim; 8 September 1994; 2 Grace
Grace Ho Ka Yan; 19 March 1994; 2 Diligence
Grace Leung ; 24 June 1994; 2 Purity; Assistant Librarian
Maryanne Yang; 28 February 1994; 2 Wisdom

Lim Jingwen Valerie; 9 October 1994; 2 Grace
Sherrilyn Lim Si En; 19 January 1994; 2 Loyalty; Assistant Quarter Master
Ong Wei Yun; 3 September 1994; 2 Wisdom; ASL & Assistant Welfare Officer
Anna Sumino; 29 January 1994
Alana Goh; 16 November 1994; 2 Diligence; Assistant Librarian
Jolynn Tan; 9 July 1994; 2 Unity

Shiying; 26 September 1994; 2 Grace
Joan Chan; 11 May 1994; 2 Purity; Squad Leader
Chang Lo Olivia; 29 December 1992; 2 Diligence
Diana Yeo Wei Ting; 21 April 1994; 2 Diligence
Lim Qi Xuan; 5 May 1994; 2 Grace

Rachel Lee Rui Qian; 26 April 1994; 2 Truth; Assistant Quarter Master
Christine Lim; 9 February 1994; 2 Purity; Assitant Welfare Officer
Goh Si Jia; 22 March 1994; 2 Wisdom

Angelique Poh B-Qin; 27 May 1994; 2 Justice
Sarah Tan Shu Juan; 8 September 1994; 2 Wisdom
Goh Xin Yun; 11 January 1994; 2 Loyalty

Squad Commanders 2007
Simin; 17 January 1991/ Ulyssa; 17 January 1991

Squad Commanders 2008
Jess Ling; 2 January 1992/ Tessa; 17 August 1992


- Practise ALL songs!
- Practise all scales! And rhythm studies!
- Bring windmill and bottle for following Band pracs!
- Remember to order from Weiyun if you want Windmill


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